October, 2017

Customization and Security in Loan Software

Financial Network Inc. (FNI) provides loan origination software. Their product is used by auto lenders, retailers, and financial institutions.  This software assists with processing loans when people look to buy a home or vehicle.

FNI focuses on flexibility and efficiency.  Flexibility is key so clients can make changes on the platform.  When users change things to their specifications they can do what is best for the business.  The platform FNI uses was recently made easier for someone to navigate and go from place to place in the system.

FNI continues to draw in more clients and expand their staff because they update and adjust their software according to client needs.  Most of these changes actually come from clients because FNI listens to what their customers have to say.  They have more than 30 years of making loan origination systems which is apparent in the way they do business.

FNI understands the hacking concerns that are relevant in today’s online climate, which is why they stay focused on security.  They understand that keeping customer data safe is a top priority.  That is why they coordinate the efforts of firewalls, encryption, and virus protection.  One other unique feature is FNI’s stance towards recovery.  They know breaches happen and have plans for recovering quickly should something go wrong.

How to Save Some Money When Buying a Home

Buying a home is one of the most expensive endeavors the average person will undertake in their lifetime.  If at all possible, it’s important to save money during the process.  Two options offered through Liberty Lending that any Missouri homebuyer should consider are a Missouri USDA loan or a St. Louis VA loan.

The advantages to these loans are specific to who takes out the loan and where they are located.

To qualify for a Missouri USDA loan, or rural development loan, you must obviously live in Missouri.  The other specification is that your home must be in a suburban or rural area.  Back in the year 2011, over 130,000 people took advantage of the program because it offers loans with little or no money down.  Be sure to check and see if you qualify.  Fixed rates for 30 years and complete financing are attractive qualities about this loan but not everyone can earn them.

To qualify for a St. Louis VA or military loan, you must live in St. Louis.  Prior military service is naturally required.  This type of loan might not take as much work to obtain as a regular loan and also comes with 100% financing and no down payment.  Also, if you became disabled while serving, the VA funding fee does not apply to you.