November, 2017

Exam Test Tips

Here are some test tips for the ACT and SAT.

Get plenty of sleep. The test is on a Saturday, so staying out late the night before is not advised. Also, getting plenty of rest on the days leading up to the test can help if you normally count on sleeping longer on Saturdays.

Eat breakfast. Your brain works far better when fueled than on an empty stomach. Even if you have to eat a quick snack while walking out the door or once you arrive in the morning,

Know how to get to your testing location. Consider driving to your location in advance so you don’t get lost and know exactly how long your travel time will be.

Don’t forget anything. You will need to bring a form of identification as well as pencils and a registration ticket. Extra items include a calculator and snack. If you have trouble remembering things in the morning, leave them in you car the night before so you don’t forget them.

Take a watch with you. Keeping track of time is important on these exams and phones are not allowed. Having a watch allows you to pace yourself properly without getting into trouble.

Many of these tips were borrowed from Mackler Associates.  If you are looking for SAT test prep in St. Louis, they are an excellent resource.

Custom Coaster Advertising

One of the newest and most unique ways to send a message is to use a coaster. Some of the most common times to see this interesting way of sending a message is at special occasions, such as birthdays and weddings. You will commonly see custom coasters used to invite guests. With weddings, this means your “save the date” can be a coaster that ends up on the invitee’s table. For birthdays, the coaster reminds people of the party date and possibly the age of the person having the birthday. What makes the coasters all the more useful is on the day of the actual event, guests can take home the custom coasters to commemorate the occasion.

Custom coasters also make for great advertisements, so you might see the details for a restaurant, tourist site, or an upcoming concert on a coaster. Flyers and ads would deliver the same message but the medium has no use and is lost. Custom coasters, however, can still work for drink glasses.

The most memorable custom coasters you might come across will be humorous. Some coasters that promote holidays have a wealth of jokes that poke fun at the relationship between alcohol and spending time with family. Others simply focus on wine and the ability for people to be happier or more agreeable because they have something in their glass.

Some companies that sell coasters also sell custom coffee sleeves.