Vulnerability to Unionization

Florence, Kentucky (April 20th, 2018)- Knowing how to strategically plan for any issues that may arise in your workplace is essential to making sure they get solved in a quick and professional manner. There are many companies that are not prepared for their employees to turn on them, which can result in a major loss, especially if they go on strike. No one can afford for their business to be shut down or halted because they have unhappy employees who refuse to work. Knowing if you are at risk for something like this and how to potentially avoid it from happening could save time, money, and all the hassle.


Thankfully, there is a union avoidance company out there that offers free vulnerability quizzes on their websites for executives to see where their company stands. ANHS offers these specialized quizzes for people in the healthcare field, non-healthcare related fields, as well as for the nursing administration, making sure the quiz is tailored to the appropriate industry. Allowing employers to use this quiz as a checklist helps them to know what to look for and what to improve on.


ANHS offers this free vulnerability quiz to anyone who stumbles upon their website, with only a name and email in exchange. Results will be given that assess where your business stands with unionization. ANHS has experience with providing tools and strategies for employers to consider no matter the situation they are in. Whether you are preparing for the worst with their strategic services or acting quickly with their urgent services, ANHS can provide you with everything to know about union avoidance in the workplace.


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The Right Extinguisher for the Right Fire

If a small fire breaks out and you need to contain it, you simply grab any extinguisher that is nearby and use it right? Actually no, because fires come from a wide variety of different sources and may need a unique type of extinguisher to put out the flame. Most fires that are classified as A, B, or C fires can be extinguished with one type of extinguisher. Those types are separated according to the type of fuel they burn. A type fires are burning wood, paper, trash, or certain types of plastic and rubber. B fires are comprised of liquids such as oil, tar, grease, a solvent, or paint. C class fires are sourced by something electrical, such as a frayed power cable or a faulty electrical outlet.

Should a fire occur, quickly look to see the class label on the extinguisher. If it is an extinguisher that covers ABC fires, like the 5lb Buckeye ABC fire extinguisher, you can safely put out the fire.

Two other classes of fire are less common but still dangerous. Class D fires involve burning metals such as magnesium, sodium, or potassium. Factories often stock the extinguishers needed for these fires. Class K fires are burning liquids used for cooking such as vegetable oils, animal oils, and different types of fats.

For more information on fire extinguishers, visit the Labenco LLC website.

Exam Test Tips

Here are some test tips for the ACT and SAT.

Get plenty of sleep. The test is on a Saturday, so staying out late the night before is not advised. Also, getting plenty of rest on the days leading up to the test can help if you normally count on sleeping longer on Saturdays.

Eat breakfast. Your brain works far better when fueled than on an empty stomach. Even if you have to eat a quick snack while walking out the door or once you arrive in the morning,

Know how to get to your testing location. Consider driving to your location in advance so you don’t get lost and know exactly how long your travel time will be.

Don’t forget anything. You will need to bring a form of identification as well as pencils and a registration ticket. Extra items include a calculator and snack. If you have trouble remembering things in the morning, leave them in you car the night before so you don’t forget them.

Take a watch with you. Keeping track of time is important on these exams and phones are not allowed. Having a watch allows you to pace yourself properly without getting into trouble.

Many of these tips were borrowed from Mackler Associates.  If you are looking for SAT test prep in St. Louis, they are an excellent resource.