One West Offers Hard Money Lending in St. Louis

One West Hard Money St. Louis would be pleased to announce the launch of its new program. Anyone interested in rehabilitating or flipping a house can benefit from this initiative. They would first take out a loan through One West. They would then search for a house in need of repairs. Then they would buy and renovate the house. Then they would make a profit by selling the house. If you are a fan of house flipping, this deal is highly recommended if you need a hard money lender St. Louis.
One West, which runs this program, is owned by Tim Estepp. His years of experience in rehabbing and flipping homes mean that he will be able to share his expertise and help others do the same. Tim is available to provide valuable advice. Tim has the connections and the ability to share information with the right suppliers to ensure a successful project. He has a long list of high-quality subcontractors that can do smaller, more specific parts of the project for a very affordable price.

One West is a trusted local real-estate buyer based in St. Louis. They are a great customer service provider and possess a lot of expertise in their field. They take on many of the hard tasks required to sell a house. Instead of making clients do all the hard work or sticking to a deadline, they make the repairs or perform the work themselves. Whether it is buying a home that needs to be fixed, dealing with residential/commercial property, or selling a home that is in perfect condition, Tim Estepp and One West is the best option for a private lender St. Louis.

One West Hard Money Lender St. Louis
12225 Clayton Rd, St. Louis, MO 63131
(314) 932-1445

Tim Estepp
One West Hard Money Lender St. Louis
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